At Guidestone Fitness, we do our best to format our services around your needs. We have experience in all aspects of fitness training, from weight loss to performance optimization. We can also train groups and do sports conditioning training for teams. If you’d like to discuss a fitness-related service that is not listed here, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help in any way that we can!


In Home Training
These sessions occur at your home or at your destination of choice. Most commercial gyms do not allow self-employed personal trainers to train in their facilities, so this may be your home, a gym at your apartment complex, a field near your house, etc.

  • $35 per one hour session for 1 person
  • $45 per one hour session for 2 people
  • Package 1: $280 for 10 one hour sessions for 1 person
  • Package 2: $360 for 10 one hour sessions for 2 people

Training At My Location
These sessions occur either at my home, my facility, or a location of my choice.

  • $20 per one hour session for 1 person
  • $30 per one hour session for 2 people
  • Package 1: $160 for 10 one hour sessions for 1 person
  • Package 2: $255 for 10 one hour sessions for 2 people


How does it work?
Before your first training session, we will meet to discuss goals and do a fitness evaluation. These meetings usually take approximately one hour, and are of no cost to you. You’ll be required to sign an exercise waiver and will be given a bit of homework to complete regarding your medical history and lifestyle information. All of this information is kept completely private. These forms will be due back to me before the first training session.

What is included in the price?
With each session you’ll receive a workout designed specifically to work toward your goals, whatever they may be. You’ll also receive two workouts to take home and use to work toward your goal. These are usually emailed to you within 48 hours of your initial workout. Of course, you are also free to ask any questions during the training session and after! We do this to spread knowledge, and love to help. Once we know you, and know your strengths, we can more comfortably answer questions tailored toward your needs.

What should I expect?
The workout will be strenuous and difficult, but it will never be beyond your capabilities. You will probably be sore for a day or two after the session, but you should be able to complete daily tasks. The more consistent you are with exercise and training sessions, the quicker you will recover from each session! We do our best to make sure you’re having fun through the workouts, so it should be an enjoyable experience!

What do I wear?
Attire should be season and location dependent. The workouts will be vigorous, so comfortable, supportive wear is encouraged. You will sweat, so plan ahead!

What should I bring with me?
Besides a strong desire to work and drive to better yourself, a towel can be helpful, as well as water (we recommend 20oz minimum.) A change of shoes is appreciated if you’re going to be working out at Eric’s home.  If you have an iPod or MP3 player loaded with your favorite music, you are welcome and encouraged to bring that along.